“lending an unforgettable mixture of the new with the classic”
- The New York Times

“Marrina is a talented musician, very well trained and flexible in herability to play…” “She has fresh ideas because her perspective, based on her experiences, is so different, and that’s important”
- The Los Angeles Times

“The well produced CD with its hip-hop, choral and pop rhythms is enjoyable for any age”

- The Los Angeles Times

“Very beautiful, very different, very much today”
- Daily Variety

“Marrina knows how to put on a stylish performance and an MTV- like production”
- The Miami Herald

“Her appearance at the Super Bowl was an artistic as well as visual triumph.”
- The Journal

“A variety of Jazz classical music along with elements of pop, gypsy and folk music to produce a pictorial effect”
- Arts and Entertainment

“A celebration of Emotions”
- The Beverly Hills Courier

“A variety of everything from classical to boogie. Don’t miss this combination of talent and technology”
- The Village Voice

“The medley of classical and popular music was outstanding”
- President of NSF

“You can be proud of all you have accomplished” - President Bill Clinton